10 Metal Albums That Should Have Been Great (But Totally Weren't)

How to lose half your fanbase, one song at a time.


More often than not, when a band finds itself under pressure for an upcoming album, it's a make-or-break scenario. The act in question either rises to the occasion and crafts a defiant masterpiece or, in the case of the records featured in this list, the hype outlives the end result, crafting nothing short of a crushing disappointment for an excited, almost cult fan-base.

These ten albums fell short of their build-up in disastrous, dumpster fire fashion, either going on to divide a fan-base right down the middle or, in the worst of cases, unite them in thinking "Yeah, this sounds as fun as a pneumatic drill to the cranium."

In either scenario, though, it is worth prefacing this list by saying that not every entry on it is objectively "bad". Some of them have either been unjustly vilified or been seen from a more forgiving, understanding stance in more recent years.

From classic, infamous failures to modern blunders, the point remains: If a record left a sizeable chunk of its band's fan-base jaded, angry or disillusioned at the time of its release, it deserves a slot here.


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