10 Mistakes Purposefully Left In Classic Rock Songs

7. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The Smiths

The Queen is Dead is one of those few foundational records in the world of alternative rock. While the rest of England was still getting immersed in the new wave scene, the smooth baritone of Morrissey and the amazing guitar inflexions of Johnny Marr turned these angsty teen anthems into some of the best tales of woe to come out of the underground. Even though the tone had gotten a bit too serious for some to stomach, the closing track to the record made for some creative in-studio hijinx.

Having to find a good way to open the song Some Girls are Bigger Than Others, the group kept fiddling around with different intro cuts before deciding on a fade in. This certainly wasn't a new technique at the time, but what made it stick out was the way it keeps pulling you in. As the track fades in, it fades back down again before getting into the proper song.

When asked about the reasoning behind this, Marr had talked about wanting to mimic the sound of a door shutting and opening again, as if you're seeing these guys play the song during a rehearsal. As opposed to the more rudimentary mistakes found on other records, this song does the adverse effect and makes you ache to hear more every time you hear it.

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