10 More Perfect 1980s Hard Rock Albums With No Bad Songs

Breakout the hair spray and pull on some spandex.

Alice Cooper

The world of '80s hard rock was not merely resigned to screaming guitar riffs and frontmen wearing lipstick and guy-liner. Hard rock was making waves on the emerging alternative scenes that would pave the way for the grunge and indie movements.

We often like to think of musical sub-genres as existing in a vacuum. But there's no clear edges in rock music. If you wanted to standout from a crowd, then you needed to pull in as many influences as you could. Hard rock acts were drawing from new wave, post-punk, and even hip hop. The '80s was a time when genre-blending became far more apparent than in previous decades.

Music was getting harder to pin down but it was getting more exciting. The '80s was a time of decadent indulgence, with an onus on consumerism and showing off, but in the realms of music, there was a lot to like.

Rock wasn't only resigned to guitars and drum kits, this was a time that saw the genre expand. Whether you wanted face melting solos, infectious dance driven melodies, or just a damn good sing along, this decade delivered the goods.

10. I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts (1981)

Joan Jett's second album, and her first with The Blackhearts, was soaked in attitude. The cover art said it all... With Jett, nonchalantly posing for the camera, there's non of the postering you got from her male counterparts, but behind the eyes ringed in mascara, rested a smouldering ferocity.

The same confidence was exhibited in her music. Augmented by a hard rock, backing band, Jett's appeal was apparent from the get go. There's all the punchy rebellion of Kiss, but with a defiantly feminine sensibility.

This is a short album, but its 30 minute runtime, gives you enough punk attitude to keep you feeling sufficiently rebellious for a week. Need something to inject a bit of confidence into your posture? Stick this record on, you'll be swaggering about like one of the Ramones.

There was no f*cking about with this women, she embodied rock n' roll. Her charisma carried through every line of her vocals - you could all but see the snarl that undoubtedly appeared on her lip as she delivered her lines. Keep your Gene Simmons or your Paul Stanley, give us Joan Jett every time.

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