10 More Rock Music Songs That Have Been Played The Most Live

These huge rock songs have all been performed live hundreds and hundreds and hundreds times.

Alice Cooper Live
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Whilst they might throw in a few deep cuts for the hardcores in the crowd, most artists know that people pay the big bucks to see them play their most famous songs live.

Like the performing monkeys they are, these musicians trot out the same old tracks time and time again, functioning practically on auto-pilot as the sweaty audience in front of them bop up and down to a song they've heard on the radio or in a playlist almost every day for the last ten years.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

If they're in the business long enough, chances are an artist will have at least one song that has been played a ludicrous number of times live. These lot have their own musical white whales, as they've wheeled out these numbers well over 1,000 times in their long and illustrious careers.

This data all comes from the website setlist.fm, a fantastic online resource that keeps track of live shows from the biggest bands to the tiniest tribute acts.

Whilst there's no way of verifying all this information, rest assured that it is accurate to the highest degree possible.

10. Livin’ On A Prayer/You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi (1,564 Times)

"WOAHHHHH, WE'RE HALFWAY THEREEEEE"... wait a second, this is only entry number ten!

Though they may be lying scumbags, Bon Jovi are also one of the biggest rock bands to ever open a can of hairspray. After two moderately successful albums, the band's third record, Slippery When Wet, catapulted them to superstardom and ensured that their faces would be have a permanent home on the walls of teenage girls' bedrooms.

That album's tracklist reads like a greatest hits, with some of Bon Jovi's biggest ever tracks finding a home there, including two songs that would top the US singles charts.

Both Livin' on a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name sold like hotcakes upon their release and are easily amongst the band's most famous songs. This might be why they've both been played 1,564 times live.

Yes, both of these songs have been played the exact same number of times.

To be honest, this makes sense; imagine going to a Bon Jovi concert and hearing one of these songs and not the other? It just wouldn't make sense.

Oh, and in third place is Wanted Dead or Alive, which is also from Slippery When Wet.

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