10 Most Ambitious Rock Albums Ever Made

Daring to aim bigger.


The album experience is the bread and butter for most rock acts. For as much as people may love the lead singles from their favorite bands, you never understand the depth of an artist until you go through the record as a whole. Anyone can just throw together a few songs with a common theme running throughout them, but these acts were determined to make their songs be more than just a catchy tune.

Rather than take the conventional approach to their songwriting method, these guys used their records as an opportunity to take themselves to places they had never been before.

These changes range from everything from switching instruments to a full concept record to abandoning what made them famous to begin with. Most bands just wouldn't have the guts to try something like this, but these artists were determined to go for broke regardless.

Did it work out all the time? Well...yes and no. For every album that succeeded with flying colors, there are some projects that end up being too lofty for their own good. Some of these albums might not have had the payoff fans hoped for, but when they did, there was nothing else like it in the entire music world.

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