10 Most Anticipated Albums Still To Come In 2017

Rafts of records to be released, slathers of songs to stream and dozens of ditties to download.

St Vincent

We're just over half way through 2017, a year in music that has given us releases from Kendrick Lamar all the way to Laura Marling. We've had the huge success of Stormzy's Gang Signs & Prayer all across to the other side of the musical spectrum with Father John Misty's Pure Comedy.

It's enough to make you feel exhausted already but don't put those headphones down yet because we've still got a long way to go. We're in the heart of festival season and after that your favourite bands & artists will be retreating to the rain and mud free spaces of enclosed autumn/winter tours, up and down the country. That means there's still rafts of records to be released, slathers of songs to stream and dozens of ditties to download.

Here's ten acts who are set to bring out huge albums, in the latter half of 2017...

10. Music Is The Weapon - Major Lazer

Diplo, Jillionare and Walshy Fire (to give them their official titles) are enjoying so much dominance at the minute, they can pretty much do what they damn well want. Their new album has been in the works for what seems like forever now, with singles being sprinkled over the airways for the past few months, building anticipation to almost unbearable levels. Just to tease everyone even more, Major Lazer even released a new EP this summer, in what almost felt like an act of trolling in leu of a new LP.

Due to the way singles from Music Is The Weapon have been drip fed to the public for almost a year now, we know to expect the usual levels of high collaboration. Nicki Minaj featured on the track Run Up, while Justin Bieber appeared on Cold Water (a song Ed Sheeran is also credited on) and latest single No Know Better see's Travis Scott getting involved. There'll be more to come as well, with Ariana Grande and The Weeknd also reportedly working with the ensemble, so this is going to be huge when the full record finally drops.

When that will be is still very much anyones guess however. As you would expect, they're touring heavily throughout the summer so most of their priorities will be going towards live performances but you still wouldn't rule out a surprise release. Whatever happens though, it's probably safe to expect that they'll keeping dropping singles right up until the new album.

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