10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums Of 2022

5. It's Not Dry Yet - Pusha T

Pusha T is an artist that has been conservative with his project output across his lengthy career. One half of legendary rap duo Clipse, Pusha has been working closely with Kanye West, appearing on several of his albums including the iconic 808's standout Runaway.

Releasing the caustic and cutting rap album Daytona in 2018, Pusha T found himself in a conflict with the biggest artist in all of hip hop, Drake. Pusha actually came out on top of this beef, releasing the song The Story of Adidon, revealing to the world that Drake had a secret son which took the internet by storm.

Since then, Pusha T has been relatively quiet, with some guest appearances on other artist's projects, without a release of his own. YouTube Music seemingly leaked the title of the rapper's upcoming album, with an accidental post stating which read "Pusha T's new album: Listen to 'It's Not Dry Yet."

This is yet to be confirmed by the artist or his team but it seems a good bet that this will be the next project's title.


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