10 Most Controversial Songs In Rock History

9. Rape Me - Nirvana

By the time Nirvana's second album came rolling out, there weren't too many people expecting something uplifting and happy. After all, pretty much the calling card of every single grunge band coming from Seattle was more concerned with their internal problems than preaching about peace and love. You still need to mix up the formula though, and Kurt Cobain went right for the jugular on Rape Me.

Though a lot of hardcore Nirvana fans already knew Kurt's stance on such issues after the torturous story on Polly, Rape Me was the first song that was almost designed to piss the media off. Even though the band released it as one of the main singles, some radio stations refused to release it and even got them to change the notes on the album to Waif Me instead of Rape.

It gets downright comical at the MTV Awards though, where Cobain was told not to play the song and decided to perform a short snippet of it before going into Lithium. As if that wasn't enough, he managed to double down on MTV Unplugged when someone requested it and he responded "I don't think MTV would let us play that." For as much as the media might want to protect the young people from "such filth," it sometimes pays to know the context of the song beyond the one bad word you don't like.

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