10 Most Dramatic Band Splits In Music History

Oasis' volatile split was Definitely Maybe a difficult time...

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Bands falling apart is just a fact of life in the music industry. No matter how much fans want to believe it, no band can keep the artistic fire burning forever and feel the need to split up because of various musical differences. Of course, some bands do this a lot quieter than others.

Over the years, many famous rock stars have had legendary public fallouts, leaving the band fractured for all to see. Whether it be because of egos getting too inflated or just personal differences, these bands certainly were not shy to air their dirty laundry out in the press. These band separations range from genuine artistic frustration to open hostility towards the other members of the band.

While some of these bands have moved on to other artistic ventures and have even reunited on some occasions, the initial spark that made them special was almost snuffed out in an instant. Instead of just quietly disbanding their projects, these artists took the more dramatic initiative and went out in a true blaze of rock and roll attitude. It may not have been pleasant, but you can't say that these breakups weren't entertaining to watch.

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