10 Most Embarrassing Instances Of Product Placement In Music

Advertising at its most shameless.

These days, the music industry is rife with opportunities for advertising. Not that it wasn't always, but things have definitely taken a turn for the worse. Why? Put simply...the internet. It's no secret that music videos are now seen by more people than ever before. Some of the most popular music videos on YouTube have over a billion views, a viewership equal to over one seventh of the earth's population. In fact, Psy's Gangnam Style has a staggering two and a half billion. So what does the world do when it has that many pairs of eyes? Simple €“ it advertises. Music videos have become one of the most blatant, cringe-worthy places for advertisement €“ after all, if it's not obvious, why bother? Nevertheless there are certain bands and artists who have taken this opportunity much further than others, crossing the line into utterly ridiculous. On top of that, there are also artists who cut out to the middle man and put adverts into the lyrics of their actual songs. From Kanye West to Miley Cyrus, here are the most embarrassing examples.
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