10 Most Emotional Rock Albums Ever Made

Hitting You Right in the Feels.

Paramore Told You So

Rock and roll has always been known to be a fairly tough genre. While not necessarily trying to be the most intense thing in the world, the ideal rocker is not known to really show emotion all that often, being either too cool for it or trying to fight the man more often than not. That doesn't stop life from getting in the way though, and you sometimes need music as a means to vent your feelings in whatever way you can.

Across all of these albums, you really start to feel for all of these musicians during the writing process. Whether it was drama behind the scenes or just needing an outlet, the words on these albums are taken straight out of the band's broken hearts. While that works great for one track though, it gets a lot more potent when you hunker down for the full listen.

Since these guys are not in the most stable of places, you get to hear them at their most vulnerable here, as if they're doing their best to keep themselves under control. Sometimes they manage to hold in their emotions, and sometimes they end up cracking, but that doesn't make them lesser musicians as a result. These were by no means easy to make for these artists, and you might need to reach for the tissues more than a few times as well.

10. After Laughter - Paramore

Ever since Brand New Eyes, Paramore have always been inching towards a sound that's a lot more pop than it is rock. For all of the people who still cling onto the days of songs like Misery Business, After Laughter has almost none of that, going for an '80s pastiche with every song having a neon flair to it. As it turns out though, those bright poppy sounds ended up being a false sense of security when you actually listen to the lyrics.

Across every song on here, Hayley Williams is clearly going through a very emotional time in her life, with most of the songs being a downer from the first minute you hear them. Though there are some happy sounds on tracks like Rose Colored Boy, the message behind something like Hard Times is a lot more dour, as Hayley asks herself why she even tries during this time if she knows she's going to fail.

The more poppier the songs get, the more morose they become, with Told You So hinting that the worst is yet to come for those hard times. The title even clues you in as well, taken from the idea that there's a certain moment after someone laughs that helps bring them back down to Earth. Then again, the pop song structure might be a way to hide the pain a little bit. Life might suck right now, but you might feel just a little bit better once you get into the groove.

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