10 Most Expensive Albums Of All Time

When albums cost as much as films (and sometimes more).

Unlike the film industry, in which massive budgets are flaunted as their own marketing strategy, album costs don't tend to be loudly discussed. Which means that, despite the immense size of music industry, and how ludicrous the vast majority of its folklore is, people never really consider the cost of recording an album. It's obviously not the first place your mind would go for interesting music anecdotes, but when you learn the bizarre things on which that money is often spent, it probably should be. Film budgets are set and upheld by a studio system, whereas if a singular musician is insanely popular they can make certain demands and requests in order to €œfacilitate€ the album's creation. Take Michael Jackson, for example, who decided to book three different studios during the recording of his final album merely because he wasn't sure where he might feel like recording when he woke up. What this can lead to is albums that cost just as much as movies, and sometimes even more. From Kanye West to Korn and beyond, here are the eight most expensive albums of all time.
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