10 Most Expensive Albums Of All Time

6. Korn €“ Untouchables

Total Cost: $4,000,000 Korn's 2002 album Untouchabless is the band's fifth studio album and the follow up to 1999's Issues. Upon its release Untouchables did extremely well, selling almost five-hundred thousand copies during its first week and featuring the Grammy-winning single Here To Stay. According to the band themselves they were rather frivolous when it came to spending. Specifically, the band rented five houses for ten-thousand dollars each for four months In Phoenix, then did the same thing again in LA, then did it again in Canada. The vast majority of the four million dollars was spent on an enormous and elaborate crew, with seven-hundred thousand dollars being spent on the actual recording of the album. Luckily for the band, the album's sales and subsequent touring more than made up for the rather erratic spending.
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