10 Most Heartbreaking Tragedies In Rock Music

Rock's Most Painful Wounds.


For a style of music that is all about having fun, the world of rock music is not for the faint of heart. Despite looking like a 24 hour party on the surface, there are many dangerous back alleys of the genre that everyone tries their best to steer clear of. In the end though, you're always bound to run into some casualties.

Since the dawn of rock and roll, there have been tons of instances where rock got too real than many were probably hoping for. From the in-concert mishaps to the heart-wrenching tales behind the scenes, many bands have had to weather some of the most horrible tragedies that many wouldn't wish upon their worst enemy. While anything as harsh as this could force people out of the music business, the silver lining is when these acts find it in themselves to pick up the pieces and move past their devastating losses.

Even though we may move on with our lives, these are the awful moments in rock history that left a gaping wound in their respective bands. Whether it be because of death or just a tragic accident, these heinous activities are enough to shake most listeners to their core.

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