10 Most Infamous Shows In Rock History

When Musical Dreams Turn Into a Nightmare.

Metallica James Hetfield
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The very idea of putting on a rock and roll show seems cause enough for celebration. Instead of the anarchic preconceptions that most people would associate with the genre, most artists use their concerts to bring people together through the power of song. Then again, there are always those notorious shows that no one would like to revisit.

Rather than be remembered for the amazing material, most of these shows live on for the toll it took on those who were there. Whether it be because of a system malfunction or even more grim circumstances, these concerts drew to a close a lot faster than many people may have wanted them to. While any band is able to get over the occasional bad show, these have gone on to either become an in-joke amongst fans of these acts or something that everyone wants to forget happened in the first place.

Sometimes it's not even the band's fault though, with most of these culminating in unfortunate events that went to hell way too quickly. At the worst of times, these shows left the bands in question deciding whether they even want to play music. Music may be considered a universal language, but these shows left many of their fans physically bruised or emotionally scarred by the time the lights went out.

10. Oasis in Toronto

From top to bottom, you'd be hardpressed to find too much complications going on with an Oasis show. Aside from the occasional feud between the Gallagher Brothers onstage, the act of coming together for the pure love of rock and roll is what made all of us mad for these Manchester kids in the early days of Britpop. While some people might come to rock out, others see it as their chance to be famous.

As Oasis stormed into Toronto in 2008, the entire set was brought to a halt when a fan rushed the stage in the middle of the song Morning Glory. For as much as stage diving is a norm at rock shows, this is so not the place to be doing it seeing as Oasis tend to stand relatively still during their performances. Though Liam ended up getting off easy and avoiding the stage crasher, his brother Noel wasn't as lucky, getting thrown off the stage and breaking a few ribs in the process.

Along with the sudden vibe shift of the show, this was also pretty traumatic for everyone else who was onstage, who weren't sure whether Noel had just been thrown offstage or had been stabbed in the melee. Even though any Oasis' show is cause for maximum excitement, don't make this your way to show it, eh?

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