10 Most Influential Rock Bands

Shaping rock as we know it.

The Ramones

Over the years, many rock platforms have come out with lists detailing some of the greatest artists of all time. Whether it's because of their mind-blowing virtuosity or their fantastic songs, the artists that populate these lists have made a name for themselves as the best in their genre. On the other side, what really matters is how you use your music to push the genre forward.

Though it is admirable to put time and effort into perfecting your craft, the music has to have an impact on its audience or it is utterly meaningless. While being successful at the moment does have its advantages, being influential is something that carries you over into true greatness. That way, long after your own star power has faded, musicians all around the world are still trying to copy the intricacies of your work.

While all of the artists showcased here come from very disparate roots, each of them have taken rock and roll to places it had never been before. Even if these bands have broken up or are past their prime, you can't deny that each of them have etched their name in rock history.

10. The Police

Once rock triggered the punk and new wave movements, many bands were delivering rock music that had a primitive but artistic approach. While initially lumped into the new wave category, The Police took the reins of the mainstream and refused to let go.

Working as a trio, The Police were an unstoppable force as they ruled the late 70's and early 80's with the sophisticated melodies of Sting. Though it was just simple pop song structure, the band's chops gave the music a sense of professionalism with Stewart Copeland's jazz-inspired drums and Andy Summer's sonic guitar landscapes. These ethereal tones would go on to foreshadow later guitar-based bands from the Smiths to U2.

From a lyrical perspective, the band always had a twisted bent on the pop song formula, with catchy tunes describing stalking ("Every Breath You Take"), prostitution ("Roxanne") and even flirtations with underage partners ("Don't Stand So Close To Me.") This blew the doors wide open for pop artists to put more thought into their lyrics rather than the standard party song. In a time when bands got back to basics, the Police showed how to mix up many different styles without losing your musical identity.

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