10 Most Underrated Classic Rock Albums

Paul McCartney's RAM was some of his best work outside of The Beatles...


Classic rock was always known as an albums' genre. Whether or not you enjoyed the singles that were released by these acts, it almost seemed irrelevant for the hardcore fans. The singles may have been beneficial to their success, but these artists were all about creating a sequence of songs that made a collective statement. Even though there have been many perfect rock albums that can be enjoyed from front to back, some of the overlooked gems of the genre never got the light of day.

These bands may still be known as classic acts, but none of the songs from these records get the fair shake they deserve. Sometimes it's just being in the wrong place at the wrong time or just a production snafu, but these albums have always been misunderstood for the genius hidden within.

Granted, some of these albums might not measure up to the already classic works these artists have made, but that doesn't mean that they should be destined for obscurity. People have blabbered on about The Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road countless times, so it's time to let the underdogs have a shot. Let's take a look on those rock albums that never got their universal acclaim.


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