10 Most Underrated Cover Songs In Hard Rock

The greatest hard rock tributes by major bands...


Covers are a bit of a tricky concept in rock music. Since the genre has a reputation of having a somewhat DIY aesthetic, how do you bring your own unique spin to something someone has already written? Though it's a daunting prospect, many great artists have tried their hand at making fantastic new versions of older songs.

While many people focus on tracks like "Hurt" by Johnny Cash or "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix, there are also plenty of covers through the years that haven't been praised for the brilliant reinventions that they are. Not only do these songs beautifully pay tribute to the original artists, but they also put these songs in a different context for another generation of fans.


The best of these covers are when artists take songs that didn't see very much success in their heyday and bring them to light as something special with their own version. These not only give fans a nice slice of hard rock to listen to, but also an opportunity to discover a new band that they wouldn't have sought out otherwise. It may not be the most original idea for a band to release covers, but the artistic care put into these tunes are something to behold.


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