10 Most Underrated Drummers Of All Time

Justice for the Masters of Backbeat.

Phil Collins Germany

Since the dawn of music history, the drummer has always gotten the short end of the stick (so to speak). No matter how much energy you bring to the band from behind the kit, there have always been people willing to make jokes at the one behind the skins for being "the dumb one." However, there's absolutely no joking around when it comes to the way these guys lay down a groove.

Compared to the more celebrated drummers like John Bonham and Ringo Starr, these minds behind the skins always knew their strengths and came out with a stellar rhythmic foundation for every song they used. While most people think being a good drummer comes down to how fast you play, it doesn't really work out like that. Sometimes it's the attitude in your delivery, other times the speed, and other times where it's just about serving the song that you're playing.

As opposed to technical artists like Neil Peart and Danny Carey, many of these drummers knew how to sit in the song and play just the right fills necessary for the track to come alive. Even though they might not be the most vocal of musicians, these drummers brought the thunder when they needed to as the heartbeat of the band.

10. Phil Collins - Genesis

For all of the prog snobs, Phil Collins will forever be known as the man who destroyed Genesis' career. After Peter Gabriel left to pursue a solo career, the idea of getting Collins behind the mic led them into some of the most commercial stuff they would ever write, which got more and more embarrassing as the years went on. Then again, is everyone forgetting that Collins got his start behind the kit?

For as many memes have been made of Collins as the pop sound of Genesis, he always had an impressive knack as the group's original drummer. Despite the more outlandish ideas from Gabriel, Phil always made everything fit together in a neat package at the best of times, tearing through complex time signatures without a care in the world. A good prog band is always as good as its chops though, and Collins was one of the best in the early days, making some of the busiest drum rolls somehow fit within the context of stuff like Dance on a Volcano.

Regardless of his dad rock status, Collins has gotten a little bit respect from his peers in recent years, with Rush legend Neil Peart calling on his advice in the early days. So next time you think Phil Collins' drum chops begin and end at In the Air Tonight, take a look at the back half of Genesis and prepare to be amazed.

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