10 Most Underrated Guitarists In Hard Rock

Hard rock's unsung masters.


To garner a hard rock pedigree, it normally comes down to how gifted you are behind the fretboard. Though you can get a fair amount of attention as the frontman, the real respect comes when someone can pull off fast riffs and amazing solo work. If that's all you need, these guitarists deserve far more than what they have.

Over the years, many different guitarists have stepped up to the plate with killer hooks and an amazing gift for melody, but for one reason or another the spotlight always strayed away from them.

As opposed to the more popular kids making waves on the scene, these guitarists were hidden in the shadows, waiting to be discovered by newcomers. In fact, some of these guitarists can play circles around their contemporaries, but are never able to capitalize on their massive potential.

So why are they not more celebrated? Sometimes it just comes down to being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but if there's any musicians who deserve to be given a fair shake, it's definitely these guys. They might not be the next Van Halen, but these guitarists have a lot of impressive moments that merit spots among the legends of the six string.

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