10 Most Underrated Kanye West Songs

Gold Digger will most definetly not be appearing over here.


Stronger. Gold Digger. Heartless. All number 1's, all are some of the biggest hits of the last 15 years.

Kanye has achieved a level of consistent commercial and critical success that most artists could only dream of. All of his 8 solo albums have reached number 1 in the USA. 3 of those albums have been declared as some of the 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone. It's clear that (for the most part), the fans and the critics alike have loved his musical output.

So many of his singles have had immense commercial success. Of course, there are lesser known ones that end up being critical darlings. Songs like Devil in a New Dress, Blood on the Leaves or Last Call.

However, in between the commercial and critical success lies a space where the underrated songs exist. They're Kanye songs so of course millions of people have heard them, but they haven't penetrated the charts like his most successful ones. The critics acknowledge their existence, but they're rarely talked about outside the circles of dedicated Kanye fans.

These are some of the Kanye West songs that definitely deserve some more attention, whether you're a die hard fan or a casual listener.

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