10 Most Underrated Rock Albums Of All Time

Green Day's Warning deserves SO much more love.

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Rock music has always had a firm hold on pop music since its inception. While it might not be in the limelight as much as it used to be, plenty of bands have been keeping the spirit of rock alive for every subsequent generation. Some albums might be able to rise to the top, but there are just as many classics that slip under the radar.

From every branch of rock music, artists have come out with fantastic albums that the public never really latched onto. So what made people change their tune over the years?

Well... sometimes it just comes down to output. Since these bands have lost their lustre in recent years or didn't last long in the first place, these albums have been heralded as masterpieces through the fact that they endured.

At the same time, it's not like every one of these albums is perfect. Across many of them, there are tracks that feel like filler or don't mesh with the band's aesthetic, but these eccentricities work in the album's favor to make them fascinating oddities in such a catalog.

These albums may not captivate the masses like their big brothers, but they still deserve to be given their just praise after all this time.

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