10 Most Underrated Rock Bands Of The 90s

9. Mad Season

No one gets around talking about supergroups (especially '90s supergroups) without bringing up Temple of the Dog. Bringing together every single member for all the right reasons, we got the skeletons of both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden together all in one album to make a worthy tribute record to the fallen grunge titan Andy Wood. While nothing is taking away from those raw feelings, Mad Season was another supergroup that used music as a way to heal.

Around the time that Layne Staley was starting to get on the straight and narrow, he got an offer to jam with Pearl Jam's Mike McCready along with a couple of guys from the Screaming Trees. What started out as just a handful of live shows though eventually morphed into a full album, with Layne really sounding like he was working on his demons and putting up one hell of a fight.

This is also one of the few supergroups that sound nothing like their other bands, with Layne's voice on here feeling much more suited to something bright and sunny and McCready opting for more watery licks in lieu of the Stevie Ray Vaughan worship that he was doing in his main stint in Pearl Jam. Though the sobriety may not have been able to last, this feels like a snapshot of the time where the city of Seattle actually felt like a new beginning.

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