10 Music Tracks Released By WWE Stars?

Who are the current WWE wrestlers with a musical side?

There is a long history of wrestlers trying to start music careers. Whether superstars have pursued musical endeavours alongside wrestling or bowed out of in-ring action completely to make songs full time, you will find a plethora of examples on YouTube and other musical platforms. To narrow things down, this list will focus on songs by current members of the WWE roster.

Some of these active WWE wrestlers have demonstrated a great commitment to their musical exploits. While there is the occasional bonkers one-off, most of the songs represent a larger body of work from that artist. There are songs that have only just recently been released, and several of the superstars are recording new music in 2019. What's really impressive is that much of this new music is being produced independently of WWE.

Wrestlers haven't always had the best track record when it comes to producing high quality musical hits, but there are some surprisingly good songs being put out by the current crop. Information is provided on where you can purchase, stream and download all the songs included, so be sure to follow up on your favourite entries.


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