10 Music Tracks Released By WWE Stars?

10. Naomi - Dance All Night

Released: May 2014

Naomi's one and only single to date was released under her real name of Trinity Fatu. However, the official video was produced with WWE and has achieved more than 3 million views on YouTube. The song is about Naomi and her friends hitting the clubs and, well, dancing all night.

Music is, for the most part, a subjective art form so you can decide for yourselves whether Dance All Night is good or not. Whatever conclusions you come to on the song though, there is no denying that Naomi is an extremely talented dancer which is on full display here. Stay through one rendition of the chorus and you'll also get to see her husband Jimmy Uso show up, who then busts some moves later in the video. Forewarning: the lasers in this music video are liable to give some people a headache, particularly on repeat viewing.

Dance All Night is widely available and can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.


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