10 Musical Artists Who Never Got To Become Superstars

9. Paul D'Amour - Tool

Every so often, a band will be on an upward path that even they can't seem to control. As much as things might seem to not be going right, the sheer force of their creative output just makes the entire group feel like a train going down the track at over a thousand miles an hour. It's a hell of a ride...just not one that Paul D'Amour saw himself taking for too long.

While Justin Chancellor has settled in as the classic bass player for Tool nowadays, a lot of hardcore fans tend to forget the importance of L'Amour's work in the early days. Granted, nothing on Undertow can be described as complex in retrospect, especially considering the ton of ground Tool have covered since then on albums like Lateralus. Then again, L'Amour was always good at being the brute force behind the band, driving the tempo into your skull across every track he was on.

As much as the bass part to something like Sober can't be described as complicated at all, it's the pure smack that he puts on his performance that made Tool such an interesting band in the first place. Lateralus may be the most essential part of the band, but Paul D'Amour was the embodiment of what it sounded like for Tool to be young and hungry.

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