10 Musical Shifts That No One Saw Coming

Changing Lanes With Music.

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Most of the suits behind the music industry usually like their bands to stick in a particular lane. As much as there may be some tried and true formula that brings in the big bucks, the gamble of bringing in some new sound isn't something many people are willing to take. So when you have one that catches them by surprise...that's going to get you some raised eyebrows.

Compared to the gradual shift in sound that you'd get from other acts, these artists dove in head first into a new style without a care in the world. The one minute you may have been looking at your favorite band, but just a few seconds later that were virtually unrecognizable with how much they switched things up. Just because you have the guts to switch things up doesn't mean that you're safe from the backlash though.

While some of these artists managed to make their shift look flawless, there are others that angered their fanbase a lot more than you'd expect, with people either calling them out for being sellouts or burning their records in protest. But are they really worth all of that hate? Let's take a look under the hood of some of these and see if they're really worth the scorn they were given.

10. Tickets To My Downfall - Machine Gun Kelly

First we'll start at one of the most glaring switch ups that's happened in recent years. For a rapper, it's not like Machine Gun Kelly was all that bad though. Even though he had a few cringe bars every now and again, he was at least serviceable on the albums that he made. After Eminem destroyed him with Killshot though, our man decided to just leave hip hop altogether.

Hooking up with Travis Barker, Tickets to My Downfall is one of the most insane bait and switches we've gotten from an artist, with Kelly putting on a guitar and going full pop punk. It's not like he has rap verses in between these either. From the get go, Kelly just straight up sings in that same snotty tone that we all fell in love with back in the day.

That's not to say that he hasn't found some haters along the way though. For every fan that has jumped on the bandwagon, there are a lot of OG pop punk fans who are more spiteful of MGK right now, thinking that he's wearing another genre like a costume instead of actually being in it for the right reasons. If this album does end up getting more kids into the pop punk genre though, more power to the man.

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