10 Musicians Who Almost Joined The Wrong Band

Slash's replacement in Guns N Roses was almost INCREDIBLE!

Guns N Roses Zakk Wylde

It's always a hard road for rock musicians when they're starting out. As musicians cut their teeth, they usually find themselves floating from one act to another until they hit on the right group of people. Though things tend to fall into place for these legendary bands, there are many occasions where history could have been written very differently.

Whether it was at a turning point in the band's career or trying to hit upon the right lineup at the band's inception, many legendary performers missed out on opportunities to be in fantastic groups. Thankfully, these musicians in question don't have to lose sleep at night since most of them landed on their feet with their own successful groups.

It's never an easy decision dealing with rejection in a band, but these musicians were not only able to take it in stride, but also build a musical legacy of their own without having to compromise to another band's vision. Even if we may never here what these musical incarnations may have sounded like, the idea of these groups having another musical legend among their ranks has fueled fan speculation for decades.


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