10 Musicians Who Encouraged You To Steal Music

Wait, isn't piracy supposed to be bad?

Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Since the dawn of the internet age, record companies have been drilling into the heads of anybody who would listen that file sharing and digital piracy are a curse on the industry that has led to its collapse, at least in comparison to the behemoth it was before. They will argue that piracy takes money out of the recording artist's pockets and makes it much harder for them to bring the latest tunes to your ears.

While there may be some merit to that statement - assuming you choose to ignore that record companies utterly failed to get with the times in an effort to prop up an ancient business model - the fact is that not all recording artists would agree with it and many actually feel that piracy is just desserts for record companies that don't give them enough back for their creative endeavours. 

In fact, there are some who have even encouraged their fans to steal their music instead of letting their money fall into the pockets of their own record companies.

Here we look at some of the ways that musicians have bitten back at "the man" in an effort to get their music to the masses.


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