10 Musicians Who Hated Being Famous

Pink Floyd and the superstars who wished they weren't...

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One of the biggest draws to being in a band is the glory. Almost every generation of rock bands can express indulging in the more free-spirited behavior that comes with being admired by millions of fans. On the other hand, not everyone goes into this job for the attention.

Many musicians pick up the instrument for the pure love of making music and aren't as fixated on being heralded as a rock god. A lot of times, musicians never want their music to reach a huge market, and are more often than not mortified when they actually reach beyond their intended target.

Once they get bombarded with the music press, you can practically feel their demeanor change from calm to tense at a moment's notice. This could lead to musicians being hostile towards fans or outright denying their rockstar status. At the absolute worst, some bands will consciously try to make something imperfect to shake the shackles of their initial fame.

Even if they ended up with some strange moments during their tenure, these musicians' struggles with fame have brought us some of the most interesting careers that the rock world has ever seen. Here are just a few examples of the bands that wanted to be good but weren't crazy about being successful.

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