10 Musicians Who Turned Down Iconic Songs

9. It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls

For the five of you that might not know, the era of disco pretty much lived and died on how campy things could get. Around the time that the Gibb Brothers were putting out the glorious sounds of Saturday Night Fever, you also had other powerful soul singers willing to throw their hat into the ring with their own odes to the dancefloor. And when it comes to ladies' nights at the bar, It's Raining Men is still one of the most famous songs that could have been even more legendary if it went another way.

Written by Paul Shaffer from the David Lettermen show, this song was shopped around for a few months in search of someone to sing it. Originally offered to Diana Ross, the song was also suggested as potential material for Donna Summer, who didn't take kindly to it because of her recent embracing of religion, after which she sent the writers a Bible to think about what they had asked of her.

The funniest person that they had offered it to though would have to have been Barbara Streisand, who passed on it and carried on making her signature music for the future housewives of America. The Weather Girls have more than enough power and personality to keep this song rolling for decades, but there's a morbid curiosity in hearing someone like Barbara Streisand sing a song like this completely straight faced.


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