10 New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Bands That Are Better Than Ever

6. Salem (UK)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhZDw4E-RKg Classic Album You Should Own: In the Beginning (2010). A double album compilation of re-recorded early work which includes their double A-side single, "Cold As Steel"/"Reach To Eternity", much lauded and sought after by NWOBHM collectors. Recommended Modern Album: Forgotten Dreams (2013). Salem's debut album and one long in gestation, Forbidden Dreams delivers on the promise evident since their inception 35 years ago. Salem, a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Hull, recorded just three demos and a single in the early 1980s before disappearing from the scene. As interest in the NWOBHM intensified in the preceding years, Salem eventually released their 1980s output in 2010, entitled In The Beginning. The re-release was received well by fans and NWOBHM enthusiasts around the globe and attracted enough interest to prompt the band to officially reform and play live once again. The band have since released two Ep's of new material "New Tricks" and "X Rated", followed by their long-awaited full-length debut Forgotten Dreams, and have played numerous festivals and gigs in UK, Europe and beyond. Fans of authentic, straight-up, Hard Rock played with the passion, commitment and the experience of musicians deep into a 35 year career in the music industry, will find much to love about Salem.
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