10 Most Overrated Albums Of 2013

If people are caught up in the frenzy of a popular gimmicks, any song can find itself climbing the charts, quite often reaching number one.

It's interesting isn't it? That 'quality' of music is determined by where an album or song ranks in the charts. It doesn't matter if the only lyric anyone understands is "Gangnam style", or if an artist produces a song about something banal as what a fox says. If people are caught up in the frenzy of these gimmicks, such a song can find itself climbing the charts, quite often reaching number one.

This is exactly the same for albums; if given a particularly positive review by a franchise such as NME or Q Magazine, then social networking sites find themselves awash with people duplicating the opinions contained within these publications. For me, 2013 was a year where people everywhere metamorphosed into one gigantic sheep, with the individual appearing to lose the capacity to think for themselves. Albums such as Kanye West's 'Yeezus' climbed the chart, irrespective of the fact it was nothing more than self-indulgent drivel. Perhaps what infuriates me most about the way the music industry works is the fact some phenomenally talented musicians €“ White Lies' 'Big TV' or MGMT's 'MGMT' - missed out on recognition I believe they deserved. The purpose of this article is to put forward some of the albums that were greatly received in 2013 and knock them down a peg or too. These albums may have charted, they may have won awards. But the question I'm going to be addressing; are they really as good as everyone says they are? I'm probably building my own coffin and nailing it shut €“ especially in taking on the wrath of Arctic Monkey fans - as they can be capital 'D for Dangerous - but if you have any problems with what I have to say please feel free to comment below...
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