10 Perfect Albums That Artists Don't Want To Talk About

Albums Not to Be Named.

Slipknot Left Behind

Once your album is out there in the world, it’s fair game to any fan who gets their ears on it. Even if you have certain hangups with what your album means to you, there’s a good chance that some kid might listen to your songs and be inspired to create a band of their own because they heard what you did. That’s never a bad thing for artists to do…as long as its for the correct record.

For as much as these albums might have been influential both in their time and today, none of these artists ever really want the chance to revisit them any time soon. After living that lifestyle for too long, each of these musicians have seemed to purge these records from their memory and never really like to bring them up in conversation. There’s more that goes into a record than just the songs though, and the hangups that these people have tend to be more about the recording process or not being able to change the past, with many of these musicians saying that these weren’t nearly as good as they could have been.

Your art is always a reflection of you though, and this also may have been a fairly tense time for these people, as they sort themselves out and find out who they really are in between songs. It was never going to be easy to make these records, but you can also understand why these people are a little bit jaded when they have to bring them up again.

10. One By One - Foo Fighters

After the dissolution of Nirvana, Foo Fighters were our first sign that everything was going to be okay. If Dave Grohl could find a way to pick up the pieces of his broken band and rise to the top of the music world again, we could find a way to move on from grunge's shadow as well. The future was full of hope, but it was looking a lot more bleak around the early '00s.

Since the last few years were filled with drama from band members leaving and bringing in new guitarist Chris Shiftlett, the original sessions for One by One were filled with tension in the studio, with Taylor Hawkins not being all that happy that Dave had played in Queens of the Stone Age in their downtime. While both Taylor and Dave settled their differences, they realized that half of the album they were working with didn't sound a lot like them, having to rerecord half of the songs from scratch and putting a lot more energy into their performances.

As much as songs like All My Life and Times Like These have become classics though, Dave has been pretty negative about this record since then, saying that there were only a handful of good songs on the record and he never wanted to play any of the other songs ever again. Then again, the Foo Fighters always seem to be coming from a place of joy, and you can understand why Dave doesn't really want to revisit these dark times that often.

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