10 Perfect Albums That Blended Different Music Genres

8. Post - Bjork

Before Bjork had even released her debut solo record in the early '90s, she had already been a veteran in the world of music. Her upbringing as a singer was already secure, and her more avant garde work with the Sugarcubes put her right in the middle of the alternative leaning pop zeitgeist going on at the start of the decade. Those were still straight ahead rock songs though, and Bjork seemed to want to create environments in your mind on Post.

Right after laying the groundwork on Debut, much of what turns up on this album is Bjork breaking down the different musical genres going on at the time, from the glitchy beats of techno to going full on industrial rock on the track Army Of Me to kick things off. For all of the electronically infused songs though, Bjork could still crush the competition outside of her contemporaries, taking a page out of the jazz songbook and coming through with one of the best versions of It's Oh So Quiet, being a showcase for her amazing vocal range.

Even when she's hanging back with a traditional love song, tracks like Hyperballad and Possibly Maybe almost occupy a different space than anything coating the R&B charts at the time, trying to dissect what it means to be in love in the modern age. Most managers might have wanted something fairly straightforward, but Bjork doesn't really know how to do that. This is a woman who's entire existence is about taking risks, going from one genre to another and coming through with something incredible.

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