10 Perfect Hard Rock & Metal Albums That Bands HATE

Classic songs, personal headaches.

Metallica justice for all
Blackened Records

In the world of music, you shouldn't be playing for anyone other than yourself.

Although objectively you should probably be playing for your fans just as much, you need to be enjoying what you're doing if you're going to release it as something that you're particularly proud of. Like every job though, sometimes an album just exists for some bands to get a paycheck.

It's not like all of these albums are pieces of trash either. These are the kind of records that have been heralded as classics in some circles, only for the artists themselves not really enjoying it all that much.

Though that might come down to the production or the songs themselves, it's hard to see something that you consider to be your musical baby not reaching the level that you think it could have. Every so often though, the public thinks that you hit it out of the park.

Every one of these albums have seen some sort of praise both then and now from people who consider them masterpieces of their time. That's not going to dissuade the artist though, and most of them have not been shy about dragging their own songs through the mud.

I guess when you've reached the level of musical god though, you tend to prefer some of your projects a little more than others.

10. Their Satanic Majesties Request - The Rolling Stones

It was pretty much a law that every band that survived the '60s had to go through a psychedelic phase sooner or later.

Even if you were your own unique entity and had nothing to do with the psychedelic scene of San Francisco, chances are your label would push you into donning the psychedelic colors and going on for prolonged jams in the studio. It happened to The Monkees, it happened to garage rock acts, and it also happened to the World's Most Enduring Rock and Roll Band.

Then again, this was the period where the Rolling Stones were trying out new ideas left and right, so Their Satanic Majesties Request should have just been another new venture for them.

Coming off of the proper pop sound of Between the Buttons, songs like She's A Rainbow put them in good graces with the acid rock scene...and pissed off their leader to no end.

When looking back on this period, Mick Jagger hasn't minced words about how he thinks that this was a low point creatively, thinking that they were just riding trends and even copying the Beatles a little bit on the album cover.

Even legendary session player and future Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones wasn't fond of working on this record either, considering the whole project to be a work job. Though the Stones remain staples of '60s rock, maybe it's best to keep them away from the raga rock genre.

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