10 Perfect Hard Rock Songs That Are Ridiculously Long

9. Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day

Looking back on the different changes in trends of the '00s, pop punk isn't really seen in the most respected of lights these days. Though there have been many artists that are copying the same kind of aesthetic that New Found Glory and Blink-182 made popular back in the day, writing a song with that nursery rhyme style of melody wasn't necessarily pushing the genre forward or anything. We lived in a different world once the Iraq War kicked into high gear though, and Green Day swung for the fences with Jesus of Suburbia.

Imagining what this war like atmosphere would be like for a teenager, Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song as a way for that teenager to make sense of modern life, operating on a diet of Ritalin and dreaming of something bigger. While the entire album functions as a concept album, this could be considered its own mini rock opera, spanning over 9 minutes and changing tones almost 5 different times. This isn't like prog rock or anything though. Each of these songs could have been great on their own, and sticking them together makes for a rapid fire intake of rock and roll, from Jesus sitting on the couch to finding his true calling in the big city.

Considering Jesus is the couch potato type, this whole song seems like you're channel surfing until the end of the song where Billie practically forces you to snap out of it. Pop punk may have had its fair share of low points, but no matter how hard they tried, you weren't going to see people like Blink-182 make something this ambitious any time soon.

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