10 Perfect Posthumous Rock Albums

9. The Originals - Prince

Since the day he started, Prince had to be one of the most prolific musical geniuses that ever walked the Earth. I mean, this is a guy who's output was so vast that he managed to give #1 hits to Sheila E. and The Bangles and actually got into legal trouble with his label when he wanted to release a massive double albums' worth of songs. Turns out that that exact creative drive though comes back around when he's no longer on this Earth.

Almost like clockwork, every single year since Prince's passing has had some sort of album come out, whether it be the latest soundtrack to Welcome 2 America or the bare 1983 Piano and Microphone. Though these certainly have their place for seeing Prince in a more creative space, the Originals is where it feels like a true peek behind the curtain.

Given the man's tendency to give away perfect songs to other people, this is nothing but a collection of songs that Prince demoed that would go onto be hits for other artists, which sound so good that they could have been hits in this raw form. After going through his death, it gets that much more potent hearing his version of Nothing Compares 2 U to close out his career. And once you've heard his version of Manic Monday, it'll be hard to even go back to the Bangles version. Even in the ether, the Purple One has some more to say.


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