10 Perfect Progressive Rock Albums With No Bad Songs

9. Fragile - Yes (1971)

Although, Close To The Edge, became Yes' most commercially successful record, Fragile, remains one of their most important. This was the first record to feature, the player of all things keys related, Rick Wakeman. Adding a smorgasbord, of expressive organ, piano and syntheses sounds, expanded the Yes sound dramatically.

This album hooks you early. The opening track, Roundabout, at first poses as an arpeggio, Spanish inspired piece, before quickly shifting gears and incorporating a tantalising '70s bass lick. After the next eight minutes you're fully convinced this record deserves your time.

As one might expect with a prog rock record of the '70s, it's brimming with highly skilled musicians and filled with glorious musician showboating. The structuring on the album included four tracks composed and arranged by the entire band, with the remaining five tracks being individual endeavours. This allowed each musician to really showcase their skills.

Depending on your mood, this experience will either inspire you to get back to that instrument in your wardrobe; or you'll be solidified in you decision to leave it gathering dust.

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