10 Perfect Rock Albums Of The 1990s

9. Ten - Pearl Jam

Out of all the sounds coming from Seattle, you can't knock any of the bands points for being unoriginal. Even though the vibe coming from acts like Soundgarden and the Melvins may have seemed similar, you weren't going to hear the same type of time signature switch ups from people like Motley Crue at the time. So when you have a band that was just straight up rock and roll in the middle of things, you start to pay attention a little more.

When most of Seattle was looking to do their own thing, Pearl Jam's Ten may have been the most arena ready rock album out of the bunch. Although Eddie Vedder managed to dodge his own celebrity at every turn, that didn't stop the tunes from getting ingrained in the minds of pissed off kids for years to come, from the amazing shout along chorus of Alive to the moodier introspective moments on something like Garden.

That's not to say that this style didn't get mocked to high heaven though, with everyone from Scott Stapp to Wes Scantlin trying to make their millions off of being the knock off version of this sound. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and when the original still hits this good, it's nothing to really complain about.

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