10 Perfect Rock Songs That Got Better Live

9. Deuce - KISS

As stupid as it sounds, KISS looked like they were dead in the water at the start of the '70s. Though they may have been writing the songs that would form the empire and KISS army that we know and love today, the records either went through incredibly bad production or just failed to capture the magic of what the spectacle of KISS was like. That all changed when we got ahold of KISS Alive!, where the circus officially came to town.

Starting from the opening sounds of Deuce, the difference between the live and studio versions of these songs are like night and day, especially when you hear the added energy coming from their performance. Taken from their stay at Detroit's Cobo Hall (a rock and roll haven, by the way), Gene Simmons is on another level in his performance, playing up the Demon Persona to a tee.

There's also a unique difference in the way that Ace Frehley seems to play his solo as well, going for a much more off the wall approach than the studio version while also having the exact same notes intact. By the time that Paul Stanley opens up with his heavy metal preacher schtick, you know what you're going to be in for. All are welcome to the show, but you had better fasten your seatbelts for what's about to come next.

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