10 Perfect Rock Songs That Were Written By Someone Else

9. Low Light - Pearl Jam

As Pearl Jam made their way through the '90s, a lot of the usual songwriting was starting to get stifled just a little bit. With Eddie Vedder getting more and more uncomfortable in his own celebrity skin, he figured that he should have the most control over the music as he possibly could, penning all of the lyrics and even writing a good half of the songs for both Vitalogy and No Code, both with and without the help of craftsman Stone Gossard. Yield put us on much firmer ground for the typical Pearl Jam sound, even when Jeff Ament started to emerge out of the shadows.

That's not to say that Jeff had been radio silent before bringing Low Light to the table or anything. After having a killer bass tone throughout most of Ten and even coming up with the riff that started Jeremy, this track was the first time where he came in with a fully completed song for Ed to sing, which he considered a surreal experience hearing his words be interpreted through the singer's raspy baritone voice.

Even though this is a straightforward ballad through most of its runtime, it also has a few more twists and turns than you would probably expect, switching through different time signatures and adding extra beats here and there to create something a lot more off kilter than your typical strum along song. It's still the Pearl Jam that you know and love, but that switchup almost feels closer to prog rock some of the time.

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