10 Phenomenal Bands Whose Very First Songs Blew Us Away

Creating genre perfection from the very first record.

Geffen RecordsGeffen RecordsSome bands take years to find their sound, often taking a few albums and countless gigs to fully hone ideas and become the band/musicians they set out to be. Some, on the other hand, emerge so fully formed it's shocking to think that you are listening to their debut album and when those truly phenomenal bands floor you with Track 1 from their debut, you know you're on to a good thing! It can't be easy to distill your entire essence into the first song of your recording career but the bands included here did exactly that, somehow achieving the almost impossible and establishing themselves from the get-go, perfectly showcasing their identity and agenda at the very first hurdle and probably becoming your new favourite band in the process. To qualify, the songs chosen had to be the first track from a debut album; first single and/or first track from an EP need not apply, full length debut albums only! To repeat, this is specifically a countdown for those very first songs from debut albums that just instantly knocked it out of the park. One listen and you knew that the artists involved were guaranteed to achieve phenomenal success. Let the instant gratification begin...
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