10 Popular Artists You Didn't Know Released Music In 2019

Did you miss Avril Lavigne's transformation?


Year-by-year, as more artists enter and leave the public mainstream, it's hard for even the geekiest of music fans to follow every single one on the release calendar.

For example, did you know the 1990s Bohemian Like You singers The Dandy Warhols released an album in 2019? How about Jar of Hearts singer, Christina Perri? Or... the Despacito guy?

For every blast from the past returning to the mainstream like The Jonas Brothers, there's a brand-spanking new album from Papa Roach from out of nowhere. In the age of New Music Friday, a tidal wave of music all comes at once and it is hard to keep track of every release that goes by, regardless of fame.

Here are ten artists who have released music this year, that might've slipped past your radar. From pop punk princesses to posthumous releases, there are a few EPs by famous artists that you might not know about as well.


How many of these releases have you listened to? What star of the past have we missed out on mentioning? Let us know in the comments!


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