10 Problems Only Green Day Fans Will Understand

You'll always have the time to listen to them whine.

So Green Day have finally been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The word 'finally' may seem strange for a band who don't seem in the same classic bracket as fellow inductees such as The Ramones and Guns & Roses, but it's important to remember that the band were actually formed in the late 1980s. They've inspired two separate generations, released 11 studio albums, and taken their music to all four corners of the globe several times over. It's odd to think that, for the first time since the release of their first album, Green Day haven't been a key part of the current decade's musical scene, having wielded a great deal of influence in both the 90s and 2000s. They've been around a hell of a long time, and released a hell of a lot of music beloved by many. However, despite their undeniable talent, live reputation, and lasting legacy on the history of punk rock, being a Green Day fan is anything but smooth sailing. Nobody's perfect, especially Billie, Mike, and Tre it seems. Here are ten of the biggest problems every Green Day fan will be able to relate to, whether they're only just getting into the band now, or have been along for the ride since their humble beginnings.
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