10 Punk Bands You Need To See Before You're Boring

Punk's not dead, it just stands at the back.


Time is a cruel mistress. One day you’re a rebellious teen who would never grow up to be some square in a suit and the next day you’re paying taxes. Before we know it, we’ll all be middle-aged, living in the suburbs, doing school runs and standing as Liberal Democrats for our respective local councils.

However, until that fabled time comes, we can still give society the proverbial finger through the medium of punk-rock. With cheap lager, power-chords and stage-dives, we can unite under a flag of freedom like the angrier incarnates of the hippies who came before us.

This is what we live for… until we get mortgages.

So super-glue your hair, look out your studded belt and lace up those Doc Martens. It’s time to check out some bands on the punk scene that you can still buy a ticket for and skank along to today.

Some of these bands are frankly far too old for pink mohawks as it is, so there’s not time like the present! Be sure to catch these guys before, just like your dwindling dreams of becoming the next Johnny Ramone, they’re gone forever.

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