10 Rap Songs That Sampled Classical Music

Literal classics.


It's weird how nowadays, classical music is considered a genre, when for the vast majority of Western music’s history it was simply considered music, as there was not really much else (Obviously that is in the sense of professional music, as traditional folk music and orally transmitted ditties always existed).

Yet, not only is classical music a genre in today’s musical landscape, it’s not a very popular one at that.

How many people do you know that actually blast Handel or Chopin on the daily, for their own personal pleasure (and not to give themselves airs) ? It may be biased to use the this metric given that the most known classical composers aren’t likely to release a new EP anytime soon, but it’s still telling that statistically, classical music accounted for only 1% of all album sales in the US in 2018.

Given the virtual infinity of its catalogue, both in quantity and diversity, we can genuinely ask the question of why hip hop DJ’s and producers so rarely use classical music for samples. It's all-the-more surprising considering how good the final product always is when they do.

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