10 Reasons BROCKHAMPTON Are The Future Of Music

'The Hardest Working Boyband in Show Business' lives up to their title.


It would be easy for a cynic to look at the quality of today's music and dismiss it as garbage. With an endless stream of 'Soundcloud Rappers' barely able to string together a coherent sentence and pop becoming more bland and generic than ever before, you usually have to look pretty hard to find some quality music.

Thankfully, not all hope for the music industry is dead as there are many up and coming artists that go above and beyond what's expected of them. One such group of artists is Brockhampton, a hip hop collective of rappers, producers, visual designers and many more who collaborate to create not only music, but an experience.

While the majority of artists today look to capitalise on short lived trends, this group seem to be innovating and looking forward. In their music, presentation and many more aspects, it's easy to see them as the future of the business.

10. They Achieved Success All By Themselves

Brockhampton / Question Everything Inc.

One of the biggest issues with music in the current era is how corporate everything is. Record labels pretty much have all the say in how successful certain artists are, pushing the ones that further their brand more than the ones that make quality music. The vast amount of funds possessed by those labels make it incredibly difficult to find success in the industry without them, and yet Brockhampton did just that.

With each of their critically acclaimed albums in the 'Saturation Trilogy' released while they were not signed to any label, by various means, they built up a strong and loyal fanbase thanks to their unique and vibrant image.

In the wake of these successful albums, they were signed to RCA records, who also have other up and coming artists like Khalid under their wing. Under this label they have gone through various album concepts before settling with Iridescence as their major label debut and fourth studio album.


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