10 Rock "Sellout" Albums That Are Actually Really Good

9. Liz Phair - Liz Phair

Oh...how the mighty have fallen. On the surface, Liz Phair's self-titled practically spells disaster from the first minute you hear it. Instead of the emotional fireball you got on tracks from her amazing debut Exile in Guyville, most of this pandering pop BS felt like the polar opposite of what Phair had been about in the early days. Then again, this actually ends up looking pretty good as the years go on.

First of all, this record is still not very good considering the pedigree of the artist at hand, with Phair reaching for the pop market that she doesn't really have the potential to attract. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of these songs would have been absolutely amazing if done in the right context. From the way that Phair sounds to the sticky melodies across songs like Why Can't I?, these feel like they are more suited to some of the more edgy pop punk princesses of the early days.

If these things were given to someone like Avril Lavigne, it would have gone over much better, but given the fact that it's coming from one of the greatest voices in '90s rock, people can get a bit frustrated. This is very much not what you come to Liz Phair for, but for what it is, her taste in pop rock is still fairly decent.

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