10 Rock Albums Made Out Of Obligation

9. Gone Troppo - George Harrison

Coming out of the Beatles' breakup, none of the Fab Four got as cynical as George Harrison was during the '80s. After dealing with legal issues concerning the Apple label and trying to make the music that he wanted to make, The Quiet Beatle was right back where he started when he was in the band, with some of the suits at his new label trying to dictate what worked well for his audience. While he was able to squeak by on albums like Somewhere In England is the sound of George not caring anymore.

Wanting to wash his hands of his past contracts, most of this record involves George just throwing anything that he can at the wall in the hopes that he'll churn out a quality product by the end of things. Before he may have been known as the world wise Beatle, but Gone Troppo has got to be one of the worst productions to come out of one of the Fab Four, sounding like some bad '80s style island music that you would find on a cheap cruise pulling out of the Barbados.

George had even tried to slag off this record midway through the promotional cycle, saying that he was more interested in his home life now and he would much rather be working in his garden than be at the studio. Cloud Nine may come out a few years later to revitalize his career, but this album is what happens when you have one too many cooks in the kitchen when putting a record together.

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